• Rebuilding A Foam Cored Rudder~ Part 4

    Thursday, July 24, 2014

    Finally fairing the rudder in using a great new product from Pettit Marine; EZ-Fair! More details on this video coming over the next couple days

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Rebuilding A Foam Cored Rudder Part 3

I don’t think there’s any additional info to include with this video; I suspect everything was pretty straight forward.. If you have any Q’s please post them below! Thanks

Rebuilding A Foam Cored Rudder Part 2

The foam that I used in this video was a #16 closed cell urethane foam supplied by US-Composites. Here’s a link to their foam page for spec’s and pricing. In total I believe I used roughly 4 gallons (2 gal of part A, and 2 gal of part B) for this rudder which was for a Freedom 35. When doing this type of repair, it really helps to have the rudder mounted on a couple of saw horses. This allows good access to all sides…

Rebuilding A Foam Cored Rudder Part 1

There will be more follow up videos showing the entire process start to finish. If you have any Q’s please post them below! Thanks for watching

Sanding And Finishing Gelcoat

I think the video pretty much explains everything. If you have any Q’s on what was covered please leave a comment below Thanks for watching!


It’s Coming… Gelcoat 101 :-)

The moment many of you have been patiently waiting for HAS FINALLY COME!!! Get ready to kick back with your favorite cocktail and relax for a while Cuz’ the next few videos are going to be pure Awesome-ness (I’m pretty sure that isn’t really a word but it’s fun to say :-)!!) We’ll be going over everything you need to know about #Gelcoat; Repair, Color matching, Mixing, Application, blending and lastly Finishing :-O Tell your friends!! Tell your neighbors!! (just don’t tell the guys that…

From The WoodShop ~

I’ve starting another show that is strictly going to be about woodworking so I can keep this site all about things that are best enjoyed on the water… The new show is called From The WoodShop and I’m really looking forward to this as it’s going to allow me to legitimately do more entailed woodworking projects, as well as allow me to go into greater detail with the boating videos (and not feel like I am shorting anyone on content).. If you haven’t done so…

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