Installing New Fixed Portlights

In this video I mount some new fixed portlights using 3M VHB tape. VHB stands for Very High Bond, and it does exactly what it says it does! When installing polycarbonate or acrylic panels / portlights I’ve found this method to work extremely well. It eliminates the need for any kind of screw fasteners which typically result in cracking the material, provides a nice clean look and allows the poly / acrylic to expand and contract with temps without issue. The specific tape I used…

Marine Caulking~ Which One Do I Use??

Products highlighted in this episode: ~ 3M – 5200 – 4200 – 4000 UV – General Marine Silicone ~ Dow Corning – 791 Structural Silicone – 795 Structural Silicone With the exception of the silicone, all the products from 3M I consider to be excellent “bedding compounds” which are what is best used for general sealing / water-proofing. Whether it’s deck hardware, thru-hulls, wood trim, etc a quality bedding compound will preserve the integrity of the boat by keeping the water out, and the core…

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