How To Protect And Care For Your Painted Surface

Shop Amazon for the products used in this video and help support this show! 3M Perfect-it Ultra Fine Machine Polish The foam pad needed for this polish This polish is meant to be used as a follow up to their compound (which will remove scratches and help blend repairs). The compound is part of the 3M Perfect-It line and can be found below. 3M Perfect-It Rubbing Compound This compound is to be used with a different foam pad than what is used for the polish….

Using Soft Sand Rubber For Awlgrip Nonskid

Soft sand thumb upload2

In this video I take a look at a new product called SoftSand Rubber® used for creating a nonskid texture on your painted deck. This product is manufactured by SoftPoint Industries. In the past I’ve always used Griptex (which is Awlgrip’s version of their nonskid particles) and it worked fine; it created a nice looking texture that served it’s purpose of keeping you sure-footed, but the application was always something that took a little messing around with to make it look perfectly uniform. Typically I…

The Finale! Applying Awlgrip Nonskid Over Various Fiberglass Repairs

This is the last of a 5 part series which outlines every step from repairing different types of fiberglass damage, thru the priming, painting and applying Awlgrip nonskid for a newly refinished deck! If you haven’t seen the previous episodes CHECK THEM OUT! They are posted on the home page of this site! Materials used in this episode: ~ Awlgrip Topside Paint ~ Awlcat #3 Brush Converter AKA Catalyst / Hardener ~ T0031 Reducer (SLOW Evaporating Thinner) ~ T0002 Reducer (FAST Evaporating Thinner) ~ Awlgrip…

Awlgrip 545 Primer Over Fiberglass Repairs

This episode continues through the finishing process after making the various fiberglass repairs around the boat. The primer is applied and sanded with the first coat of Awlgrip paint rolled and tipped. The next episode will go over adding the non-skid texture and finishing the project! Visit our website for more additional information and follow us on Facebook and Twitter! Materials used in this episode: ~ Awlgrip 545 Primer (White) mixed 1:1 with coverter ~ Awlgrip topside paint, Awlcat #3 brush converter mixed 2:1…

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