Different Types Of Fiberglass Repair

This second video outlines the different types of fiberglass repairs needed to prep a surface before Awlgrip painting and applying a non-skid texture. Small holes, larger holes, chips and voids are covered in detail using West System Epoxy. Next video will cover stress cracks. Featured material: West System Epoxy ADTECH P-14 Ultra Filler *I order this material from a supplier that I’ve worked with for years. Express Composites located in Minneapolis, Mn It’s half the price!! Great folks!

Fiberglass Overview And Awlgrip Non-skid

This episode outlines the general prep for repairing damages and defects in an existing gelcoat non-skid surface. In the following videos, we will be addressing the different types of issues, looking at the different approaches for each area and finishing the repaired surface with Awlgrip paint and applying a new non-skid texture..

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