Can Polyester Resin Catch Fire Doing Fiberglass?

I tried to make a fairly large batch of polyester resin spontaneously combust while curing, but it ended up being a major fail :-/ With Spring upon us and people starting to work on their boats getting ready for the season thought this might be a good video for ya!! Please ‘Like’ ‘Share’ and ‘Comment’!! Subscribe To This Channel!! Also, please remember that there are extended ad-free versions of these video’s available for Patreon supporters! Please click below to find out more!! Thank you!…

Making New Fiberglass Parts From A Mold

Writeup coming tonight!..

Can Gelcoat And Epoxy Bond?

video thumb

Here is the first of 2 video’s where I look to see if there’s any truth to the belief that polyester based materials (such as gelcoat) won’t bond to epoxy. It’s been long believed that if you were using epoxy for your fiberglass repairs, you were more or less limited to having to use paint as your topcoat. Over the years I’ve “broken the rules” on occasion and to date have not had any issues using gelcoat as my topcoat over epoxy. I’m not saying…

Rebuilding A Foam Cored Rudder~ Part 4

Finally fairing the rudder in using a great new product from Pettit Marine; EZ-Fair! More details on this video coming over the next couple days 🙂

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