Shop Update And A Boat Build?

With how busy I am with my paying job, I unfortunately haven’t been able to get new video’s out as often as I would like. And until we get a little closer to Fall I don’t really see this changing 🙁 But, in the mean time I thought that a few of you may be interested to see what projects I’ve been working on in the shop! Mostly a lot of core replacements, fiberglass and painting! Busy, busy, busy… Like the saying goes, “Make hay while the sun shines!”

Something else that I’ve been doing over the Summer is trying to figure out a way to build a boat this Winter (yea, this is what I do for fun!!) I’ve posted an announcement on my home page going over more details on what I’m hoping to do. If you haven’t read it yet, CLICK THIS LINK!!

Also, please remember to TAKE THE SHORT SURVEY and share your thoughts on what would be most interesting for you to either watch or participate in!!!

Thank you!!


2 Responses to “Shop Update And A Boat Build?”
  1. mike lacoste says:

    I have been thinking about building a boat for some time now. I’m thinking style wise a chris craft speed boat. Around 1950 aira. I’m looking 4 some advice on that. Like the money I’ll be investing in wood n the time as well. I’m thinking about 5 or so hours a day. I cant wait 2 start it. It will be my 1st boat build. M I geting in over my head? What do u think? Love all of the videos n info. Keep it up. Thanks!!!

    • ~Andy ~Andy says:

      Hey Mike, If it were me I think a wise thing to do would be to do your first build with something a little less involved. Something small that has character, plywood construction and can be built around the 200 hour mark.

      I suggest this for a few reasons:

      Before you start carving away at expensive mahogany, it’s a good idea to get an understanding on how all the details of the construction tie into one another. Plywood is relatively cheap in comparison and much easier to work with 🙂 Even a simple design can look very sharp if you add some mahogany or teak highlights as part of the finishing.

      A smaller build will also give you a feel on the tools that you will need. When you start looking at a solid wood boat there is a lot more involved (tool wise) for milling, shaping and cutting the lumber. Plywood boats can be done with a few basic tools.

      I love your idea on a classic runabout! But something like this could easily run into the 1000 hour mark or more. You’ll want the first experience to be fun and enjoyable. The last thing you want to have happen is that you get frustrated with the progress and start to loose interest.

      As far as cost, a small simple plywood boat averages around $150 per foot for the materials. So, a 14′ would be around $2100 (maybe a little less, or more depending on finish detail)

      A solid wood boat could easily be double the above cost.

      I don’t want to sway you from doing this, just make sure you do a lot of research. Find some designs that catch your eye, see if there are any books avail that detail the construction and scour the forums and talk with others that have built the boats you’re interested in 🙂 The more you know going into it the easier the process will go!

      Hope this helps!

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