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  1. Slawek says:


    What is the brand of epoxy, what you use in this episode?
    Is it Maritime Wood Products Installation Epoxy?


    Thank you for your help.
    I really enjoy your presentation. I learned a lot.



    • ~Andy ~Andy says:

      Hey Slawek,

      The stuff I used was an epoxy made by Teak Decking Systems. They have since stopped making that particular epoxy and came up with 3 others that are a little easier to mix and work with. Here’s a link to their product page http://www.teakdecking.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=featured&Itemid=107 Off hand I don’t remember the cost for their kits but I can say it’s probably the best epoxy I’ve found for this kind of application..

      Looking at the epoxy you mentioned it sounds like it’s very similar though.

      Let me know if you have any other Q’s!!

      Thanks πŸ™‚

      • Slawek says:


        Thank you.
        I am in the 25% core (balsa) change in delaminated, rotten Penguin 11’ small sailboat.
        It is my first time so big repair. I try to learn as much as possible from all sources.
        Now I glue balsa using West System mixing with wood four.
        I hope it is correct?
        But when you mention about some flexibility of the epoxy system what you used I thought thet it would be better.
        What is your opinion?
        Thank you for your response πŸ™‚
        With regards


        PS If you don’t mind I would have two more other questions but little later when I start that part of the rebuilding.

        • ~Andy ~Andy says:

          If it were me I would use a polyester laminating resin rather than epoxy. The poly is a much thinner resin; what you are aiming for is to saturate the balsa rather than cover it; it should soak the resin in like a sponge. Once it stops taking it in then let it cure and it should be hard as a rock.

          At that point give it a good sanding to level the surface, clean with acetone and start laying up your glass on top of that. For this size boat probably 4 layers of 1.5oz CSM (Chopped Strand Matting)

          A laminating resin is a resin that does not have any kind of wax additive; it stays tacky so you can apply the next layer of glass without having to sand πŸ™‚

          Don’t be shy about asking questions! It’s how we learn πŸ™‚

          Good luck


  2. Slawek says:


    Thank you for your help and priceless advices Rally!
    Next time I will use a polyester laminating resin. πŸ™‚
    Regarding this resin I have concerns how to glue it? If resin going to be sucked by balsa ? Is it going to be enough to stick firmly to shell?
    Should balsa be saturated earlier and, next glue to outer shell (from inside)?
    Is it possible to glue balsa block with West system epoxy thicken with wood flour, let it cure and next from the top saturated balsa with polyester resin and next cover with glass mat and West system resin?

    This was one problem πŸ˜‰
    But I have a next:
    I was able to perfectly cut inner shell layer (it is one layer of glass mate with resin- quite flexible and easy to crack). Balsa was so disintegrated that separation was very easy. I used Dremel tool.

    I nicely sanded it and my intension is to laminated it to the layer of balsa which is laminated to the outer shell with West System with wood flours (peanut butter consistency) and sanded..
    I thought to use again West System epoxy thickened with wood flour. I am using sand bags to create good even pressure.
    I am concerned about air bubble trapped. Do you have any suggestion what to use if West System epoxy/ wood flour is not correct for that purpose?
    I realize that maybe my explanation is not clear.
    I know that I am doing a lot of mistakes but I want to learn as much is possible and avoid them in future
    Thanks again for your help and patience
    With regards,


    I know that picture is worth more than thousand words. Is any way I can send you pictures of my bout which probably better explain what I try to describe in so clumsy way?

    • ~Andy ~Andy says:

      Hey Slawek, sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. On the bottom side of the balsa there should be a layer of fiberglass (1.5oz csm). This side, as well as the surface that this will be mounted onto should be thoroughly wetted out with poly resin (catalyzed 1% Mek-P). After doing this, Lay the balsa in place then start applying the resin to the balsa from the top. Don’t pour it on, but don’t be shy on how much you use. As it soaks in, roll / brush on some more until it either sets up, or stops soaking in. At that point laminate a couple layers of CSM over top of that and allow to fully cure.

      Personally I don’t know that I would use epoxy for this application. You certainly can, but it is much more expensive and i don’t feel that it saturates the balsa as well. Either way I would not recommend using any kind of thickener. You want the resin to be as thin as possible to absorb into the balsa.

      If you would like to send me a couple pics, send them to my email boatworkstoday@gmail.com

      Thank you!

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