Make A Fiberglass Mold Of Your Gelcoat Nonskid For Deck Repair

This video focuses on the mold making process. The next video will focus on how to apply this mold for different applications!

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Thanks for watching!

9 Responses to “Make A Fiberglass Mold Of Your Gelcoat Nonskid For Deck Repair”
  1. Mike Minegar says:

    Thanks Andy…Great video. I so much appreciate the help I have received through the years.

  2. Ernst says:

    Hi Andy:
    That’s just what I needed for my project. Thank you for all your videos!

  3. Ed Walsh says:

    Very nice presentations and information.

  4. Skip says:

    Any special reason you used gel coat rather than plain resin?

    Great stuff! Thanks!

    • ~Andy ~Andy says:

      Hi Skip!

      Mostly because it’s a little thicker, and has color so that I am able to see when I have consistent, even coverage 🙂 Hope this helps!
      Thank you!!

  5. Eliio says:

    Pva whats that and were can i buy it

    • ~Andy ~Andy says:

      PVA = Poly Vinyl Alcohol (essentially liquid plastic). If you look around online you can find it pretty easily. Some brands to look for would be Partall, Evercoat, etc..

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