• Unloading The New Teak Deck!!!

    Friday, April 28, 2017

    Unloading the new teak deck that was made for me by TeakDecking Systems! This crate was 41 feet long and weighed roughly 1300 pounds :-O! Very grateful for all the help that I was able to get from local friends! Without them I don’t know how I would have been able to pull this off 🙂 Thank you!!! Please ‘Like’, ‘Share’ and ‘Comment’!! Subscribe To This Channel!! https://www.youtube.com/user/boatworkstoday?sub_confirmation=1 Also, please remember that there is additional content and ad-free versions of these video’s available for Patreon…

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Fiberglass Core Replacement Part 4

This is the final episode in the core replacement series. I’ll be updating this information section tomorrow 1/1/13

Fiberglass Core Replacement Part 3

Part 3 of this series. Is this episode I cover glassing over the seam of the new plywood core and cap as well as the initial fairing of the surface in preparation for finishing with Awlgrip paint. The materials used in this episode are: – 1708 Bi-Axial fiberglass – 1.5oz CSM (Chopped Strand Matting) – West System 404 High Density Filler – West System 410 Filler – West System Epoxy (105 resin and 205 hardener) – A general use guide for all of the West…

Fiberglass Core Replacement Part 2

In part 2 of this series I cover the cutting and installation of the new plywood core for the upper helm. The materials used in this episode were: West System Epoxy (105 resin and 205 hardener) West System 403 Microfiber Filler West System 404 High Density Filler A general use guide for all of their fillers can be viewed HERE I realize it may be a little confusing why I used certain fillers for one application and then another type of filler for a different…

Fiberglass Core Replacement Part 1

This episode covers the general scope of the project. The issue that we ran into here surprisingly wasn’t a rotten core, but rather the plywood core itself completely delaminated! After cutting the top fiberglass skin off, I removed all of the damaged core material and started getting things prepped for the next step; cutting and installing the NEW plywood core. Stay tuned for part 2!! The moisture meter that I used is made by Electrophysics and is their CT100 model. The tool that I used…


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